GBWhatsApp Download APK (Official) June 2023 – Latest Updated (Anti-Ban)

In the world of instant messaging, WhatsApp has emerged as a dominant player, connecting billions of users worldwide. While the platform offers a plethora of features, some users crave additional customization options and enhanced functionality. This is where GBWhatsApp MOD APK comes into play. GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application, providing users with an array of exciting features not found in the official version. In this article, we delve into the benefits and unique offerings of GBWhatsApp MOD APK.

GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp

Feature GBWhatsApp WhatsApp
Hide Online Status
Airplane Mode
Status Download
Add Custom Fonts/Stickers
Media Sharing Maximum 200MB Maximum 15MB
Status Character Length Maximum 250 Maximum 139
Themes Supported
DND Mode
Freeze Last Seen
Disable Forwarded Tag
Disable/Customize Calling
Anti-Delete Status/Messages
Security Lock
Fully Customize
Auto Reply
Increase Forward Limit Maximum 250 Maximum 10
Increase Image Share Limit Maximum 250 Maximum 30

GBWhatsApp APK Features Summary

Privacy Options: GBWhatsApp APK provides advanced privacy settings, allowing users to control their online presence more effectively. Users can hide their online status, blue ticks, and typing indicator, providing greater privacy and preventing others from knowing when they are active on the app.

Privacy Options

Customization: One of the most appealing aspects of GBWhatsApp APK is its extensive customization options. Users can choose from a wide range of themes, customize chat backgrounds, and even apply unique styles to individual contacts. This level of customization allows users to personalize their WhatsApp experience to reflect their own preferences and style.


Media Sharing: GBWhatsApp APK offers enhanced media sharing capabilities. Users can send larger video files, up to 50MB, and share up to 90 images at once. This feature is particularly useful for users who frequently exchange media-heavy content with their contacts, saving time and effort.

Media Sharing

Message Scheduler: GBWhatsApp APK includes a message scheduler feature that enables users to schedule messages to be sent at a later time. This feature proves useful for individuals who want to send reminders, birthday wishes, or important messages without having to remember to send them manually.

Message Scheduler

Dual Account Support: Unlike the official WhatsApp app, GBWhatsApp APK allows users to run two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on the same device. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals who need to separate their personal and professional communications, eliminating the need to switch between multiple devices or constantly log in and out of accounts.

Dual Account Support

Anti-Revoke Messages: GBWhatsApp APK prevents others from revoking sent messages. This means that even if someone tries to delete a message they have sent, it will still be visible to the recipient. This feature can be useful in situations where there is a need to retain important information or keep track of conversations.

Anti-Revoke Messages

Increased Group Capabilities: GBWhatsApp APK increases the limitations of WhatsApp groups. Users can create larger groups with up to 600 members, compared to the official WhatsApp limit of 256 members. This expanded group size allows for more extensive communication and collaboration within the group.

Installation Guide

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources
Since GBWhatsApp APK is not from the official app store, you need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your Android device. Navigate to the device's settings menu and locate the "Security" section. Within the security settings, find the option labeled "Unknown Sources" and activate the toggle switch to enable the installation of applications from external sources, apart from the official Play Store.

Step 2: Download GBWhatsApp APK
Using a web browser, search for a trusted source to download the GBWhatsApp APK file. Make sure you download it from a reputable website to avoid any security risks.

Step 3: Install the APK File
After successfully downloading the APK file, find its location within your device's file manager or the designated folder for downloaded files. From there, initiate the installation process by tapping on the APK file.

Step 4: Grant Permissions
During the installation process, you may be prompted to grant certain permissions to GBWhatsApp, such as access to your contacts, media files, or storage. Read the permissions carefully and grant them if you're comfortable with the access GBWhatsApp requires.

installation guide

Step 5: Verify Your Phone Number
Upon launching the application, you will receive a prompt asking you to input your phone number and proceed with the verification process. Simply follow the instructions provided on the screen to successfully complete the verification procedure.

Step 6: Restore Backup (Optional)
If you have a previous backup of your WhatsApp chats and media, GBWhatsApp will give you the option to restore it during the initial setup. Choose to restore from a backup if you want to retain your previous chats and files. Keep in mind that restoring a backup will overwrite your existing WhatsApp data.

Step 7: Set Up Your Profile
Once the verification process is complete, you can set up your profile by adding a profile picture, status, and other details. Customize your GBWhatsApp experience according to your preferences.

How to Download GB WhatsApp APK?

Step 1:
Click on the download link or button to initiate the download process. The APK file will start downloading onto your device.

Step 2:
Wait for the download to complete. The time it takes will depend on your internet connection speed.

Step 3:
Once the download is finished, go to the folder or location on your device where the APK file is saved. You can typically find downloaded files in the "Downloads" folder or a folder named after your browser.

Step 4:
Tap on the GBWhatsApp APK file to begin the installation process. If you haven't enabled installation from unknown sources, you will be prompted to do so. You can enable this option in your device's settings by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

Step 5:
Follow the on-screen instructions to install GBWhatsApp APK on your device. Grant any necessary permissions that may be requested during the installation process.

Step 6:
Once the installation is complete, you will find the GBWhatsApp icon in your app drawer or on your home screen.

GBWhatsApp APK Free Download (Official) Latest Version

GBWhatsApp APK is adjusted version of WhatsApp that provides users with range of features and functionalities that not available in official version. One of most notable features of GBWhatsApp APK to use two WhatsApp accounts on same device, making it ideal for users who want to keep their personal and competent conversation separate.

GBWhatsApp APK Official

In addition to multiple account support, GBWhatsApp APK also offers user range of privacy options, like ability to hide online status and disable read bottom-line. Customizable themes, font styles and chat bubble colors allow users to give chats unique and personalized touch.

GBWhatsApp APK is designed to be user friendly and available in multiple languages, making it operative to users of all ages and backgrounds around world. In summary, GBWhatsApp APK is a great choice for users who want more feature-rich and personalized messaging experience. So, download GBWhatsApp APK now and enjoy all the exciting features it has to offer.

GBAPPS Latest Versions Free Download

JTWhatsapp APK Free Download (Official) Latest Version

JTWhatsApp APK is a converted version of WhatsApp that comes with a range of exciting features and functionalities. One of the standout features of JTWhatsApp APK is ability to send large sized files up to 100MB, making it perfect for user who need to share multimedia files with their contacts.

JTWhatsApp APK Official

JTWhatsApp APK also offers user a range of customization options, including the ability to change themes, fonts and chat bubble colors. This allows users to give chats a personalized touch and make stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, JTWhatsApp APK comes with several privacy options, like hiding online status, disabling read receipts and more. This guard maximum control and privacy over your messaging experience.

JTWhatsApp APK is user friendly and easy to navigate, making it Ok to users of all ages and backgrounds. It is available in multiple languages, making it great choice for non English speakers. In conclusion, JTWhatsApp APK is great choice for users who want more feature-rich and personalized messaging experience. So, download JTWhatsApp APK now and enjoy all exciting features it has to offer.

FMWhatsapp APK Free Download (Official) Latest Version

FMWhatsApp APK is a modded version of WhatsApp that offers users wide range of exciting features and service that are not available in official app. With FMWhatsApp APK, users customize their messaging experience with personalized themes, fonts and chat bubble colors.

FMWhatsApp APK Official

One of most popular features of FMWhatsApp APK is its privacy options, like hiding online status, disabling read receipts and more. This ensures maximum privacy and control over your messaging experience. FMWhatsApp APK offers users ability to send large sized files, up to 700MB, making ideal choice for users who need to share large multimedia files with their contacts.

Moreover, FMWhatsApp APK is user friendly and easy to navigate to users of all ages. It also free in multiple languages, making it a great choice for non-English speakers. In summary, FMWhatsApp APK is a great choice for users who want more feature-rich and custom messaging experience. So, download FMWhatsApp APK now to enjoy all exciting features it has to offer.