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Name ABWhatsApp APK… ABWhatsApp APK is the most famous version in the ABWhatsApp APK series of publisher GBAPPSLIVE Team
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Intorduction to ABWhatsApp APK

Discover ABWhatsApp APK, adjusted version of WhatsApp that introduces exciting new functions and features to elevate your messaging experience. With ABWhatsAPK, you can go beyond the limitations of the official WhatsApp and unlock a world of possibilities.

This innovative WhatsApp mod allows you to personalize the app’s appearance by changing font styles, chat bubbles, emojis and more. Choose from a diverse collection of over 100 themes or upload your own to create a truly unique messaging environment. If you’ve been longing for additional features in WhatsApp, ABWhatsAPK is the answer. Dive into the complete article to learn more about this game-changing mod and enhance your WhatsApp experience today.

ABWhatsApp APK
ABWhatsApp APK

ABWhatsApp APK: Advanced Features

Anti Ban Feature: ABWhatsApp APK

AB WhatsApp comes with an advanced anti-ban feature that protects your WhatsApp account from being banned by the official WhatsApp team. This ensures that you can use AB WhatsApp without any interruptions or concerns about your account’s status.

Voice-to-Text Feature:

With the voice-to-text feature in AB WhatsApp, you can easily convert voice messages into text format. This convenient feature allows you to read and understand voice messages without the need to listen to them, enhancing your chatting experience and saving you time.

Built-in AppLock Feature:

AB WhatsApp includes a built-in AppLock feature that allows you to protect your chats and data. You can set a PIN or pattern lock directly within the app eliminating the need for a separate AppLock application. This ensures that your chats remain secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users.

Anti-Delete Messages Feature:

Have you ever wondered what someone deleted from their chat? With AB WhatsApp’s anti-delete messages feature, you can read deleted messages. Whether it’s accidental deletions or intentional actions, you can now have a complete view of conversations and stay informed.

Deleted Status:

In addition to reading deleted messages, AB WhatsApp also enables you to view deleted statuses. Even if someone removes their status, you can still access and view it without the person knowing that you’ve seen it. This feature allows you to stay updated on the latest updates from your contacts.

Freeze Last Seen:

AB WhatsApp offers the ability to freeze your last seen status. By enabling this feature, your contacts will only see the timestamp of your last online activity before you activated the freeze. This gives you more control over your online visibility and privacy.

AB WhatsApp Add-on:

Enhance your AB WhatsApp experience with the add-on feature. This add-on provides various functionalities, including reducing viruses, customizing archive message visibility adding a 5-minute status duration, adjusting settings and controlling the home screen and chat screens. It allows you to customize and optimize your AB WhatsApp according to your preferences.

Status Downloader:

AB WhatsApp includes a built-in status downloader, eliminating the need for third-party tools. With this feature, you can easily download WhatsApp statuses, such as photos or videos, directly to your phone gallery with just one click. Enjoy saving and sharing your contacts’ statuses hassle-free.

Hide/Lock Chats:

Protect your privacy by hiding and locking specific chats in AB WhatsApp. You can set a custom PIN or pattern lock to restrict access to your private conversations. Once a chat is locked it becomes hidden and inaccessible until the correct PIN or pattern is entered. This ensures that your confidential messages remain secure.

Custom Privacy Features: ABWhatsApp APK

AB WhatsApp offers a range of customizable privacy features. You can hide the second tick, customize call privacy settings to control incoming and outgoing calls, and even turn off incoming messages completely giving you full control over your WhatsApp experience. Enjoy enhanced privacy and tailored settings.

Hide/Freeze Last Seen:

In AB WhatsApp, you have the option to hide or freeze your last seen status. This unique feature allows you to maintain privacy by preventing others from knowing when you were last active. By going into the AB WhatsApp settings, you can enable the freeze last seen option, and your last seen status will remain unchanged. Restart the app to apply the changes.

Call Filter: ABWhatsApp APK

AB WhatsApp includes a useful call filter feature that allows you to filter unwanted calls. This feature ensures that only the numbers you have added to your contact list can reach you via calls. By enabling this call privacy setting, you can avoid receiving calls from unknown or unwanted sources, providing a more peaceful communication experience.

Group Setting:

AB WhatsApp offers a range of group settings to enhance your group chat experience. You can change the color of each group, allowing for easy identification and personalization. Additionally, you can increase the member limit in a group enabling larger group conversations. AB WhatsApp also provides a convenient search feature to quickly find specific groups.

A Wide Range of Wallpapers:

AB WhatsApp offers a collection of beautiful wallpapers that you can choose from to personalize your messaging interface. These wallpapers add a touch of visual appeal to your chats, creating a more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience. Select your favorite wallpaper and enhance the look and feel of AB WhatsApp.

Final Thoughts: Elevate Your WhatsApp Experience with ABWhatsApp APK

In conclusion, ABWhatsApp APK offers a plethora of exciting features and functionalities that take your WhatsApp experience to new heights. From enhanced privacy options and the ability to read deleted messages to customizable themes, voice-to-text conversion, and a built-in AppLock, ABWhatsApp empowers you with greater control and convenience. With its wide range of features ABWhatsApp stands out as a versatile and user-friendly mod that adds new dimensions to your messaging experience. Download ABWhatsApp APK today and unleash the full potential of WhatsApp with this exceptional mode.

AB Whatsapp APK Free Download For Android 

To download follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website or GBAPPSLIVE.COM that offers the download link
  2. Click on the download link to start the download process.
  3. Allow any necessary permissions or settings to enable the download and enjoy.

ABWhatsApp APK FAQ's

  • How many types of WhatsApp are available?

    There are various types of WhatsApp available including the official WhatsApp as well as adjusted versions like ABWhatsApp APK, YOWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and more. These versions offer additional features and customization options beyond the official app.

  • How many WhatsApp apps are there?

    There are multiple WhatsApp apps available each offering unique features and functionalities. Some popular WhatsApp apps include the official WhatsApp, ABWhatsApp APK, YOWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp among others. These apps provide users with different options to enhance WhatsApp experience based on preferences and needs.

  • Is ABWhatsApp APK safe to use?

    ABWhatsApp APK is developed by trusted developers and is widely used by users. However, as with any thirdparty app it is important to download it from reputable source safety of your device. Exercise caution when downloading and using that versions of WhatsApp and always prioritize the security of personal information.

  • Can I use ABWhatsApp APK alongside the official WhatsApp?

    Yes, you also use ABWhatsApp APK alongside the official WhatsApp on your device. Both apps coexist allowing you to switch between them based on your preferences. However, it’s important to note that using multiple WhatsApp apps may requires separate phone numbers or accounts.

  • Does ABWhatsApp APK support all devices?

    ABWhatsApp APK designed to work on Android devices. It is compatible with wide range of Android smartphones and tablets. However, it’s recommended to check the system requirements & compatibility of ABWhatsApp with specific device before installing it to ensure smooth functionality.


You are now ready to download ABWhatsApp APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app


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